Toronto campus making its presence felt in AEEFE!

Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Students of Toronto Campus

For a year, the winds of change have been blowing over the Association des étudiantes et étudiants à la formation à l’enseignement (AEEFE), which continues to include greater representation from the Toronto campus. Last year (2015–2016), the vote for president was won for the first time by a Toronto student, Marilène Goulet. This year (2016–2017), more Toronto members continued to join the executive and representatives’ council, which was chosen last October 10. Four of the 11 executive members are from the Toronto campus, including the president (Goulet), the VP finance (Serge Dagourou), the Toronto campus VP (Nancy Bento) and the VP communications (Thomas Ily). As well, three Toronto students were elected to the AEEFE representatives’ council (Thomas Ily, Mélissa Possik and Francis Mbanda Tchonang).

By getting involved, these students wish to make the most of their skills, contribute to student life, develop a sense of belonging and draw attention to the interests of all students. In short, they wish to make a difference, while sharing a common goal, three campuses, one university.  

Front row: Mélissa Possik, Marilène Goulet, Nancy Bento, 
Back row: Thomas Ily, Serge Dagourou, Francis Mbanda Tchonang

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