University of Ottawa Faculty of Education announces new scholarship in memory of Ah Feeti of Fook Soo Am

Posted on Thursday, March 24, 2022

Buddhist temple


In 1954, a dedicated Buddhist nun purchased land through generous donations and built the Fook Soo Am temple in an underserved part of Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius. Her name was Ah Feeti and she was known as a person of high moral principles, which she practised diligently throughout her life. Often compared to Mother Teresa, worshippers from around the world come to pray at Fook Soo Am, inspired by the founder’s example of devotion in serving the poor and the sick.

The Faculty of Education is proud to announce the creation of the Ah Feeti of Fook Soo Am Memorial Scholarship, made possible through the generosity of University of Ottawa professor Stephanie Chitpin and her family. The scholarship aims to assist racialized students, including members of Indigenous, Métis, Inuit and visible minority communities, who are pursuing undergraduate degrees in the Faculty of Education and who are involved in issues of social justice, inclusion and equity.

“Establishing this scholarship in memory of Ah Feeti, for her good work and her exemplary life, has been a source of great personal joy,” said Professor Chitpin. “I am delighted that her legacy of dedication and service will be honoured through this scholarship for years to come.”

Help support the Ah Feeti of Fook Soo Am Memorial Scholarship.

Learn more about Professor’s Chitpin’s journey from Mauritius to Canada and her research in educational leadership.

Stephanie Chitpin is a full professor in the Faculty of Education and founder of the Equitable Leadership Network.

Interested in establishing a memorial scholarship? Explore the many ways your giving can make a difference, contact Christine Cléroux, Manager, Faculty Development -

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