UROP Research Fair

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2016

Audrey Brossoit

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program provides undergraduate students from all faculties with the opportunity to explore new research ideas and develop their professional goals. On March 24, students from various faculties, including the Faculty of Education, gathered in the University Centre to showcase their research topics and findings.

Education students’ research topics were extremely varied, but all interesting.

Audrey Brossoit, along with Professor Anne-Marie Dionne, focused on the representation of grandparents in children’s literature and found that the stereotypes conveyed in stories were more of a sexist than of an ageist nature. William Stanton and Professor Lorna McLean collaborated in researching gender representation in the Ontario curriculum, particularly at the primary and junior levels, and discovered that women are more frequently referenced as an independent entity than men. Jinan Zeitoun, also assisted by McLean, investigated the Ontario curriculum’s inclusiveness in terms of ethnic and cultural diversity. She found that the curriculum focuses on diverse communities in Canada dating back from 1780-1850, as opposed to concentrating on the diverse communities of today. Hannah Adam and Professor Bernard W. Andrews surveyed teacher candidates to gain insight into their experiences with the Community Service Learning program. The students’ experiences were varied, bringing attention to the lack of structure and the need for program change. Finally, Marie-Eve Rosette Hodak and Jeanne Monique Séguin, in collaboration with Professors Donatille Mujawamariya and Catherine Mavriplis, examined future engineers’ opinions on women’s involvement in engineering to better serve the needs of society. Their interviews with six engineering students showed a general consensus that having more women and minorities involved in engineering will only benefit society, since they will offer new and different perspectives.

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