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Posted on Thursday, August 19, 2021

Pictures of Faculty of Education professors and students


Welcome Week 2021

A new year and many adventures in your educational journey are just ahead. Whether you are a new or returning student, our administrative staff members, professors, cohort leads, and student organization leaders look forward to greeting and engaging with you (virtually, of course!) during Welcome Week activities. Links to online sessions and activities related to your specific program will be sent via email.

Don’t forget to check out the many uO Campus Welcome Week events organized by Community Life Service. There will be an International Get-Together, movie nights, great finds at the pop-up Free Store, a Tie-Dye in Garnet and Grey activity and much, much more.

Ready, set, let’s go!

Faculty of Education | Important Dates

Tuesday, September 7

Formation à l'enseignement  9 h 30 – Année 2 (campus d’Ottawa)

Teacher Education  10:00 AM – Year 1  

Formation à l'enseignement  13 h 00 – Année 1 (les campus d’Ottawa, Toronto et Windsor)

Graduate Studies 5:30 PM – All graduate students 

Students are invited to submit messages to the Graduate Studies Orientation KUDO board. Messages will be shown during the event. Explore and contribute to the KUDO board here: kudoboard.com/boards/iRhoV1 

Monday, September 13 

Formation à l'enseignement  13 h 00 – Année 2 (les campus de Toronto et Windsor)

Share your favorite Welcome Week Moments! 

Share your best photos of welcome week activities at the Faculty of Education, be sure to use our hashtag #uOttawaEdu and tag the Faculty in your social media posts. 


Twitter: @uOttawaEDU 

Instagram: @uottawaedu


UO Campus | Welcome Week Activities

Thursday, September 2 

Virtual escape the UCU

International Get Together

Friday, September 3 

Virtual escape the UCU

Movie Night ENG 

Pop-Up Free Store

Saturday, September 4 

Virtual escape the UCU

Movie Night FR

Sunday, September 5 

Virtual escape the UCU

Tie-Dye in Garnet and Grey

Monday, September 6 

Virtual escape the UCU

uOconnexion Virtual Event 

uOconnexion In-Person Event 

Tuesday, September 7 

Virtual escape the UCU 

Welcome Messages 


Wednesday, September 8 

Virtual escape the UCU 

Entrepreneurship hub ENG 

Entrepreneurship hub FR 


Thursday, September 9 

Virtual escape the UCU 


Friday, September 10 

Virtual escape the UCU 

Indigenous Resource Centre 

Bring Your Own Picnic Day (BYOP) 

Ice Cream Day 

Saturday, September 11 

Gee-Gees Men's Rugby Game 

Gee-Gees women's Rugby Game

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