The Faculty of Education of the University of Ottawa’s partners include teachers, principals, school board administrators and several organizations in the province.

Formation à l’enseignement

If you are a partner of the "programme de Formation à l’enseignement",

Teacher Education

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Welcome to our two-year Bachelor of Education Program at the University of Ottawa. Thank you for supporting our teacher candidates in the past and we look forward to our continued collaboration. Your commitment, expertise, and understanding are essential in mentoring our future teachers. Our program provides the opportunity for teacher candidates to engage in a dynamic and interactive inquiry within a variety of communities, one of which is the school community. It is within these various communities that our teacher candidates are exposed to ideas of learning and teaching, engage in discussion about these ideas, and are provided with experiences to develop their professional knowledge and practice. Our practicum experiences reflect a clear and consistent link between theory and practice. We see practicum as a developmental and collaborative process between the teacher candidate, the associate teacher, the Faculty supervisor and the host school administration. A Guide describing the practicum experience is provided to each associate teacher, Lead associate teacher and school principal. The Practicum experience is made up of over 100 days of evaluated practicum.

Practicum Guide

This guidebook is designed to provide teacher candidates, associate teachers, faculty representatives and school partners an overview of the practicum experience in our new extended program.

Forms for Associate Teachers

Associate Teachers

Associate teachers have the necessary teaching experience and the interpersonal and communication skills to mentor teacher candidates over a period of time and to evaluate their progress towards becoming teachers.

Teacher candidates are matched with associate teachers to reflect both division and subject areas of expertise. Associate teachers are welcome to host either one or two teacher candidates during the practicum experience. In the high school setting, teacher candidates may have more than one associate teacher within a department. These practices are intended to promote a collaborative planning and teaching model.

Associate Schools

Associate schools are school communities who are interested in working in partnership with the Faculty of Education to support the growth of teacher candidates. Teacher candidates are assigned to associate schools as part of a professional learning community so that they may learn from experienced associate teachers and the school community over the school year. Each teacher candidate will be placed in a host school and classroom beginning as soon as possible in September.

Teacher candidates will select one of 5 cohorts depending on their division:

  • Comprehensive School Health
  • Global Education
  • Urban Communities
  • Imagination, Creativity, and Innovation
  • Second Language Education

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