The Faculty of Education of the University of Ottawa’s partners include teachers, principals, school board administrators and several organizations in the province.

Formation à l’enseignement

If you are a partner of the "programme de Formation à l’enseignement",

Teacher Education

Welcome to the two-year Bachelor of Education Program at the University of Ottawa.

Thank you for supporting teacher candidates. We look forward to continued collaboration!


Practicum experiences reflect a clear and consistent link between theory and practice. Practicum is a developmental and collaborative process between the teacher candidate, the associate teacher, the faculty supervisor and the school community. The commitment, expertise, and understanding of Associate Teachers are essential in the development of future teachers.

Practicum Guide

This guidebook is designed to provide teacher candidates, associate teachers, faculty supervisors and school partners an overview of the practicum experience.

Associate Teachers

Associate teachers have the necessary teaching experience and the interpersonal and communication skills to mentor teacher candidates over a period of time and to evaluate their progress towards becoming teachers.

Teacher candidates are matched with associate teachers to reflect both division and subject areas of expertise. Associate teachers are welcome to host either one or two teacher candidates during the practicum experience. In the high school setting, teacher candidates may have more than one associate teacher within a department. These practices are intended to promote a collaborative planning and teaching model.

Forms for Associate Teachers

Teacher Candidates’ performance should be assessed as a developing teacher rather than compared to an experienced teacher. The interim and final reports reflect the developmental nature of learning to teach.

*This form must be downloaded and saved, then opened from your desktop in order to save changes. *This form must be downloaded and saved, then opened from your desktop in order to save changes.

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