Courses offered - Summer 2021

Courses are offered at the summer session and are completely online. Courses are 125 hours each. It is possible to register for a maximum of 2 courses during a session. 

One-session AQ courses (schedule C) 

No courses offered in Summer 2021 

One-session AQ Honour specialist courses (schedule E) 

No courses offered in Summer 2021 

Three-session AQ courses (schedule D) 


Course Title 

Part I 

Course code 

Part II 

Course code 

Part III – specialist 

Course code 

Special Education 

PDP 1220 

PDP 2220 

PDP 3270 

Health and Physical Education (IS) 

PDP 1227 

PDP 2227 

PDP 3227 

Health and Physical Education (PJ) 

PDP 1421 

PDP 2421 

PDP 3421 


PDP 1249 

PDP 2249 

PDP 3249 

Français langue seconde

PDP 1660 PDP 2660 PDP 3660

ABQ courses (schedule A) 

For all ABQ courses, candidates who have not done Formation à l’enseignement and want to register for a French course must pass the langugage proficiency test. One your registration has been confirmed, the PDP Office will contact you to inform you of the test date and fee. 

PDP 1410 Primary Division 

PDP 2270 Junior Division 

PDP 3130 Intermediate Divisions Foundations 

PDP 3177 English Intermediate Division 

PDP 318Mathematics Intermediate Division 

PDP 4130 Senior Divisions Foundations 

PDP 417English Senior Divisions 

PDP 4187 Mathematics Senior Division 

ABQ - Éducation technologique (schedule B) 

See webpage in French for details 

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