Registration, supporting documents, payment of tuition fees

Instructions for registering for a professional development course (PDP)


Step 1 - Obtain a Student Number

  • I have a University of Ottawa and/or Saint Paul University student number: Please go to step 2.
  • I forgot my University of Ottawa and/or Saint Paul University student number: Please contact InfoService: 



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NOTE: Having a student number is mandatory to begin the registration process for professional development courses.

Step 2 - Check the Course Offerings

Use the Course-Timetable to check course offerings. 

  • Launch the Course Schedule tool and search: 
    1. Select the applicable Term;
    2. Under Subject, filter using the letter P.
    3. On the Education: Professional Development (PDP) line, choose Select on the subject line.
    4. Select Search at bottom of page.
  • Make a note of the course code and the desired section to add to the registration form. Be sure to review the course schedule. 

Step 3 - Register for the Course(s)

(Please complete steps a, b & c)


Please send your application form and all supporting documents to before the application deadline*.


Once you have your student number in hand, and have identified the course you would like to register for:  

  1. Be sure to meet the course prerequisite
  2. Complete the registration form
    • Add your Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) number on the registration form.
  3. If you are applying for a Part II or Part III (Specialist), Additional Basic Qualification (ABQ) or Graduate Specialist
    • Provide an official transcript of previous study with your registration form;
      • A transcript is not required if you have completed your prerequisite courses at the University of Ottawa or Saint Paul University
    • Provide a Statement of Experience with your registration form; 
      • Please identify in SECTION A of the Statement of Experience, the Part and Program to which you are applying;  
      • This form must be signed by the authorized supervisory officer (O. Reg. 176/10). 


NOTE: The University of Ottawa reserves the right to request any other document it deems necessary to evaluate your application. All documents will become the property of the University of Ottawa and will not be returned. 

It is up to the candidate to make sure that the University receives all documents by the deadline.




*Registration deadline: All applications must be submitted at least 15 business days prior to the first day of the course.   

Step 4 - Payment

Consult the Payment section on the University of Ottawa’s special students’ webpage.

Step 5 - Get ready before the start of the course

Activate your email account and log into uoZone:

  • You are responsible for checking your university email account regularly. The University of Ottawa sends its correspondence to your email account.
    • If this is the first time you are enrolling in a course as a special student, you will receive an email addressed to your personal email account explaining how to access uoZone and activate your @uOttawa email account.
    • If you were previously enrolled as a special student at the University of Ottawa, your email account is still valid.
  • Check your uoZone account regularly to stay up to date on your course schedule and financial statements.

If you have technical problems with your uOttawa accounts, make a Service Desk request. You will need your student number.

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