Registration, supporting documents, payment of tuition fees

Registration Form

Submit a registration form according to your course choice:

Registration form for an AQ course

Registration form for an ABQ course 

Statement of experience

A statement of experience is required for AQ-Part II, AQ-Part III and AQ-Honour Specialist:

Please submit it to .

University transcript

For some courses, you must submit a transcript of your university bachelor's degree to . See the "Admission Requirements" section.  

 Before your registration can be processed, you must provide the supporting documents required in the "Admission Requirements" section. Supporting documents must be sent to    

You are not officially registered until you have submitted all required supporting documents, if any, and paid your tuition.  

Payment of your tuition fees  

Once you have registered for a course, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your uOttawa account (uoZone portal). You will be able to view your electronic invoice and statement of account. 

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