Minahil Asim


Minahil Asim
Assistant Professor

Work E-mail: masim2@uottawa.ca

Minahil Asim


Professor Minahil Asim’s research explores the effectiveness of education reforms and policies that are focused on improving learning outcomes and educational trajectories for disadvantaged students. Her work attempts to advance knowledge on how management and leadership practises of actors along the education delivery chain impact student outcomes; and how direct support to students at home or in school can improve their engagement and learning. She uses a variety of research methods in her work, including process-tracing methods, field experiments, and quasi-experimental strategies and has active projects in Pakistan, Ghana, and the United States.

Professor Asim did her Ph.D. in Education Policy at the University of California, Davis, her M.A. in International Comparative Education at Stanford University, and her B.Sc. in Economics at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). She moved to Toronto in January 2020 for a Postdoctoral Fellowship at OISE at the University of Toronto.


Asim, M. (2020). Average vs. distributional effects: Evidence from an experiment in Rwanda.

Gee, K. A. & Asim, M. (2019). Parenting While Food Insecure: Links Between Adult Food Insecurity, Parenting Aggravation, and Children’s Behaviors.

Asim, M., Kurlaender, M. & Reed, S. (2019). 12th Grade Course-taking and the Distribution of Opportunity for College Readiness in Mathematics.

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