Marie-Hélène Brunet


Marie-Hélène Brunet
Professor - Long term appointment

Room: Lees Campus, B215 F

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Marie-Hélène Brunet


On September 16, 2016, I defended my doctoral dissertation in didactics at the Université de Montréal. It examines how high school students in Quebec understand women’s history. I also completed a master’s degree in history on the topic of unwed motherhood during the Quiet Revolution. I am currently employed as a three-year LTA professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. My postdoctoral project, which will also be completed at the University of Ottawa, under the supervision of Dr. Ruby Heap, compares how the Quebec and Ontario history curriculums handle the topic of gender history. My research interests include history education, the history of education and the history of women and gender.

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