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Marie-Hélène Brunet
Assistant Professor

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Marie-Hélène Brunet


Marie-Hélène Brunet is an Assistant Professor of social studies and history education at the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa since August 2018. Previously, she held a teaching position (LTA). Her doctoral dissertation (University of Montreal) focused on the understanding of women's history by Quebec high school students. she also hold a master's degree in history through which she became interested in motherhood outside marriage at the time of the Quiet Revolution in Quebec. Professor Brunet is interested in history education as well as the history of education and the history of women and gender. Her current research focuses on the understanding of historical agency by elementary and secondary school teachers and students, through various teaching tools (narratives, textbooks, historical films, video games, children's literature, etc.) as well as on the teaching of sensitive questions and power relations (language, race, class, gender, etc.) in history classrooms.


Brunet, M. H. & Gani, R. (2020). Les francophones (in)visibles: comparaison du curriculum ontarien en histoire, version française et anglaise.

Brunet, M. H. & Pollock, S.(2018). "When It Became Equal": How Historical Consciousness and Theories of Agency Can Explain Female Students' Conceptions of Feminism.

Brunet, M. H. & Demers, S. (2018). Déconstruire le manuel d’histoire pour (re)construire des savoirs plus justes. Récit de pratique en formation initiale et continue des enseignantes et des enseignants.


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Fields of Interest

  • Études féministes
  • Formation à l’enseignement
  • Histoire des femmes / du genre
  • Histoire de l’éducation
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