Éliane Dulude


Éliane Dulude
Assistant Professor

Room: LMX 434
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 4082
Work E-mail: edulude@uottawa.ca

Éliane Dulude


Éliane Dulude’s main research interests are educational policy and policy implementation, organizational, curriculum and instructional reforms and their impact on practices. Recently, she focuses on the intersection of accountability systems, data-use and equity to gain a better understanding of the complexity, challenges and contradictions they represent for school leaders in their daily work. In recent years, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with researchers from different countries (French-speaking Belgium, French-speaking Switzerland, Canada and the United States) and to work within different scientific communities (psychology, sociology, medicine).



Institutional complexity and multiple accountability tensions: A conceptual framework for analyzing school leaders’ interpretation of competing demands (2020)

Éliane Dulude & Peter Milley

In this article, we seek to highlight the institutional complexity that school leaders face when attempting to interpret reconcile and/or counterbalance competing accountability demands from multiple and incompatible logics.

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Les communautés d’apprentissage professionnel, une routine favorisant les changements professionnels ou la conformité bureaucratique? Une perspective canadienne (2020)

Éliane Dulude & Andréanne Gélinas-Proulx

Cet article a pour but de dégager quelques résultats tirés d’études canadiennes à la lumière des notions de routine organisationnelle et d’imputabilité. Ces notions sont importantes, car elles permettent de comprendre pourquoi les procédures de fonctionnement d’une CAP.


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