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Douglas Fleming
Full Professor

Room: LMX 371
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 4151
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Douglas Fleming


Douglas Fleming’s interests focus on critical and post-structural ESL teaching and research methodologies, second language policy development, inductive approaches to teaching, citizenship and equity. Douglas worked for over 20 years in public school districts, community colleges and immigrant serving agencies as a teacher and administrator. He has conducted numerous curriculum and professional development projects for government, community agencies, private firms and NGO’s.





Decolonialization in the concrete: Honoring the expertise of local teachers in English as a foreign language contexts (2020)

Douglas Fleming

This reports a study of a set of experienced rural Chinese English as a Foreign Language (EFL) secondary school teachers enrolled in a professional-development training program offered at a major Canadian university.

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Deterritorializing Language, Teaching, Learning, and Research book

Deterritorializing Language, Teaching, Learning, and Research: Deleuzo-Guattarian perspectives on Second Language Education (2019)

Francis Bangou, Monica Waterhouse & Douglas Fleming (Eds.)

This edited volume explores the interrelationships between language, education and research through the conceptual framework of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari.

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Fields of Interest

  • Critical and post-structural philosophy
  • Applications to ESL teaching and research methodologies
  • Second language policy development
  • Inductive approaches to teaching
  • Critical notions of citizenship
  • Equity and anti-racist education
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