Carole Fleuret


Carole Fleuret is a full professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. She has a Ph.D. and a Master's degree in Education Sciences, with a didactic option in French, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Orthopedagogy from the University of Montréal. Her research focuses on second language didactics, plurilingual repertoires and multilingualism. She conducts studies on the appropriation of the writing, among other things, on orthographic development and on the socio-cognitive and cultural components involved in written socialization among minority populations from an intercultural perspective.

She is also interested in the different models of reception services for newcomers.





Didactique du français en contextes minoritaires (2020)

Carole Fleuret & Joël Thibeault

Based on theoretical foundations from sociology, linguistics, cognitive psychology and education, the researchers who have written this collective work report on research and theory on the didactics of French in francophone minority contexts.

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La littérature de jeunesse en contextes pluriels: perspectives interculturelles, enjeux didactiques et pratiques pédagogiques (2019)

Carole Fleuret & Cécile Sabatier

Our contribution analyses the use of children’s literature in approaches to teaching and learning about language and culture in contexts with significant linguistic and cultural diversity.

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Fields of Interest

  • Socialisation à l'écrit
  • Développement orthographique
  • Étude des composantes socio-cognitives et culturelles en jeu dans l'appropriation de l'écrit en langue seconde
  • Plurilinguisme/ Interculturel
  • Orthographes approchées
  • Littérature de jeunesse
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