Rebecca J. Lloyd


Rebecca J. Lloyd
Full Professor

Room: LMX 432
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 4152
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Rebecca Lloyd


Dr. Rebecca Lloyd's interdisciplinary research intertwines curriculum theory, phenomenology, pedagogy, motivational psychology, movement consciousness, and exercise physiology. Her SSHRC-funded research explores this interdisciplinary integration within the context of a school-based, JungleSport program. Implications of this inquiry further the development of a 'Function-to-Flow (F2F) Interdisciplinary Education Model' that facilitates conceptions and assessments of learning in alternative activities and pursuits. Note that the germination and genealogy of the F2F model extends beyond the JungleSport study. The constitutive kinetic (function), aesthetic (form), kinaesthetic (feeling) and energetic (flow) registers of movement consciousness were first conceived in collaboration with Stephen Smith with the goal of enlivening conceptions of health-related fitness (Lloyd & Smith, 2009). The F2F model was then further developed as it was applied to feminist notions of curriculum theorizing (Lloyd, 2012), embodied ways of understanding and experiencing teacher education (Lloyd, accepted), collegiate volleyball (Lloyd, 2011a) and running (Lloyd, 2011b). Dr. Lloyd's future research will apply the F2F model to interdisciplinary understandings and assessments of physical literacy. Dr. Lloyd is an active member of Physical and Health Education Canada, the Council of University Professors and Researchers, the International Human Science Research Conference and The Canadian Society for the Study of Education conference, an organization that has nominated her to be the chair of the PHETE SIG. She is a member of the "Interdisciplinary Research in Comprehensive School Health" Education Research Unit (ERU) and co-director for the "Comprehensive School Health" (CSH) teacher education cohort (

Fields of Interest

  • Embodied learning, flow and movement consciousness
  • Motion-sensing phenomenology
  • Physical and health education
  • Health-promoting teacher education
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