Nicholas Ng-A-Fook


Nicholas Ng-A-Fook
Vice-Dean, Graduate Programs and Full Professor

Room: LMX 436
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 4407
Work E-mail:

Nicholas NG-A-Fook


Dr. Nicholas Ng-A-Fook is a Full Professor and Vice-Dean of Graduate Studies. He is the former Director of the Teacher Education and Indigenous Teacher Education Programs at the Faculty of Education. He is actively engaged in addressing the 94 Calls to Action put forth by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, in partnership with local Indigenous and school board communities. His teaching and research are situated within the wider international field of curriculum studies and life writing research. Dr. Ng-A-Fook is currently part of several federally funded SSHRC partnership grants that seek to disrupt settler colonialism, systemic racisms, and inequities across the school and university curriculum. He is interested in collaborating with graduate students who are committed as Indigenous and non-Indigenous citizens toward challenging ongoing systemic inequities. He created the FooknConversation podcast to address these challenges with colleagues, community activists, artists, educational leaders, teachers, and politicians. 



Oral History, Education, and Justice: Possibilities and Limitations for Redress and Reconciliation (2020)

Nicholas Ng-A-Fook & Kristina Llewellyn

This book addresses oral history as a form of education for redress and reconciliation. It provides scholarship that troubles both the possibilities and limitations of oral history in relation to the pedagogical and curricular redress of historical harms.

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An Indigenous Curriculum of Place: The United Houma Nation’s Contentious Relationship with Louisiana’s Educational Institutions (2007)

Nicholas Ng-A-Fook

Utilizing a combination of ethnography, historiography, and oral history methods, An Indigenous Curriculum of Place examines the life histories of United Houma Nation Elders who experienced firsthand the complexities and difficulties of institutional racism in Louisiana. 

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Désignation des pensionnats autochtones, quel impact?

Ici Radio-Canada, September 7, 2020


Reconstructing Canadian Curriculum Studies: Life Writing, Settler Colonialism, and Reconciliation

Curriculum Studies in Canada, September 23, 2020


Fields of Interest

  • Curriculum
  • History of education (oral history)
  • Life-writing research (autobiography and narrative inquiry)
  • Critical youth studies (first generation immigrant and indigenous youth)
  • Community-based research
  • Colonialisme de peuplement
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