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Joël Thibeault
Associate Professor

Room: LMX 456

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Joël Thibeault is professor of French education at the University of Ottawa and adjunct professor at the University of Regina. His research focuses on the teaching and learning of French grammar within francophone minority settings, the use of children’s literature in the teaching of linguistic conventions, and the integrated teaching of French and English at school. In this regard, he received a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council to conduct a study on the integrated teaching of French and English grammar.


Thibeault, J. & Matheson, I. A. (2021). How do elementary students perceive the utility of dual-language children’s books? An exploratory study in French immersion.

Gauvin, I., Thibeault, J., Barroso da Costa, C., Plante, I. & Bélanger, V. (2021). Une exploration de la motivation en grammaire du français d'élèves du secondaire québécois.

Thibeault, J. & Fleuret, C. (2020). Didactique du français en contextes minoritaires.

Thibeault, J. & Lacasse, C. Q. (2019). Démocratiser la grammaire et son enseignement grâce à la littérature de jeunesse en contexte plurilingue.


Towards an Inclusive Grammar in Francophone Schools

Plurilingual Lab Speaker Series, McGill University, January, 23, 2020





Fields of Interest

  • • French education • Francophone minority contexts • Grammar instruction
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