The professional development programs of the Faculty of Education, namely additional qualifications (AQ) and additional basic qualifications (ABQ), aim to provide courses of the highest professional quality. Each additional qualifications course reflects the Ontario College of Teachers' Standards of Practice for the teaching profession.

Our programs meet the requirements of regulation 176/10  and each level requires 125 hours of course work. The Faculty recommends to OCT candidates who have successfully completed the different additional qualification programs.

Additional qualification courses provide teachers with opportunities to enhance their teaching skills using current, research-based instructional and assessment strategies. Teachers develop their abilities to teach an increasingly diverse range of learners and, with qualifications to teach in additional divisions/subject areas, their career choices are broadened.

Couldn't attend our additionalqualifications (AQ) program's information session ? View the presentation's slideshow. You'll have an overview of the concentration, and several other key topics.


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