Societies, Cultures and Languages

Societies, cultures and languages all shape education and are shaped by education. In this concentration, you engage with the social, historical, cultural and linguistic dimensions of education. You consider issues of power, diversity, gender and marginalization in education.

Your studies may be based on sociological, historical or linguistic foundations; they may draw on a variety of contemporary perspectives, including comparative and international education, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, critical theory and post-colonial theory.

Course and Research Themes

  • Cultures and literacies
  • Education and minorities
  • Education and society
  • Historical studies of education
  • International development and global education
  • Second language education (Look at the descriptive One Pager for Second language education.)
  • Sociology of education

Career Opportunities

  • Professional education in middle and plural linguistic minority
  • Lead elementary or high school teacher (BEd required)

    Degree Options

    This concentration is offered within the following degree options:

    • Master of Education (MEd), coursework option
    • Master of Education (MEd), major research paper option


    Since May 2021, this concentration is no longer offered for the Master of arts in Education (M.A.) and for the Doctorate in Philosophy in Education (PhD). If you want to apply in one of these programs, you will be following the proposed general path.

    Course Sequences


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