Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies in Education

'Our raison d'être is to imagine education in the context of our changing society, emerging technologies, and the evolving nature of education itself.'

- Strategic Plan to 2025


Our faculty members are highly active researchers in fields such as policy studies, educational technology, leadership, program evaluation, adult education, teaching in minority contexts and Indigenous studies, to name but a few.
Our programs offer a host of concentrations, flexible and asynchronous distance, hybrid and online options, as well as face-to-face courses offered in the evening.
Our scholarships could pay for your tuition fees while working alongside researchers as a teaching or research assistant.
Our graduates go on to diverse career trajectories after graduation. Program Administrator, Curriculum Designer, Government Researcher, Educational Specialist, College Professor, are but a few examples.


"A graduate degree in Education is one of seven top yielding master’s degrees with an average earning premium of 86%."

- CIBC World Markets


"The Faculty of Education is a place where you can learn, grow and have an impact. Its members and leadership are, in my experience, attentive, approachable and responsive to students. As a doctoral student, I have been able to be part of so many interesting and exciting projects, and have had access to a wide variety of opportunities that have allowed me to develop professionally, both as a researcher and as an educator.There is a real sense of community in the Faculty of Education: the Education Graduate Students Association is one of the most active graduate student associations on campus and there is never a shortage of social activities or workshops to attend or ways to get involved. Our student body has some of the best people I have ever met, who are at once intelligent, friendly, interesting, dedicated and supportive."
- Jonathan Weber, PhD student
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