Online master's degree (MEd)

A flexible e-learning experience!

Do you want to become a School Director, a Corporate Consultant, a Training Specialist, or any other kind of educational leader?

Do you have burning questions about teaching and learning methods and learning processes?

Do you wish to complete your degree completely ONLINE?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Master of Education (MEd) is for you!

The online MEd is a course-only program for part-time or full-time study at your own pace.

Minimum admission requirements:

  • B average
  • 4-year bachelor's degree, BEd or equivalent

Expected time to complete program:

total of 10-11 courses

3 terms


Studies in Teaching and Learning

How do people learn? How do people teach? How are teaching and learning related? This concentration offers you the opportunity to explore these questions by engaging with current research and scholarship as it applies to teaching and learning processes from early childhood to adulthood.

You can study learning and teaching processes across the curriculum in a range of contexts, such as classrooms, informal settings, professional organizations and the workplace.

This concentration is offered within the Master of Education (MEd), the Master of Education (MEd online), the Master of Arts in Education (MA) and the Doctorate of Philosophy in Education (PhD).

Course and Research Themes

  • Adult education
  • Educational technologies
  • Inclusive education
  • Professional learning and professional development
  • Theories of learning and teaching

Career Opportunities

  • Career counsellor
  • Program evaluator
  • Curriculum designer
  • Online learning specialist
  • School principal (BEd required)
  • College or university professor 

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Second Language Education

This new Master of Education (MEd) program focusing on Second Language Education will allow you to expand your knowledge of theory, concepts and practices related to language teaching and learning. In addition, the program explores relevant political, cultural, social and technological issues in the field of language education at provincial, national and international levels. Geared toward both established and novice teachers, this program will enable you to contextualize and consolidate your understandings related to language pedagogy and second language education.

This concentration is offered within the Master of Education (MEd) and the Master of Education (MEd online).

Course and Research Themes

  • Teaching and Learning of French and English as second languages
  • Second language teacher education
  • Current research in second language education
  • Teaching and Learning of the language of schooling
  • Diversity and second language

Career Opportunities

  • Language teacher
  • Designer of language teaching materials
  • Consultant
  • Leadership positions

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