Teacher Education (B.Ed.)


The Teacher Education program is a two-year full-time hands-on professional program that prepares candidates to teach in Ontario elementary or secondary schools. During the program, you:

  • Complete two practica (placements) in Ottawa area schools, where you are mentored by experienced associate teachers, for a total of 80 to 90 days of school-based teaching experience.
  • Learn in different settings and take courses provided through multiple delivery modes.
  • Complete all the prerequisites for a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) and a recommendation for certification by the Ontario College of Teachers.

The Teacher Education program consists of:

  • Four terms over two years
  • 80 to 90 days of practica and community learning experience

Theoretical and didactics courses that focus on essential aspects of the profession including:

  • Digital technologies
  • Social inclusion and well-being
  • Interdisciplinarity and critical thinking


Division Options

Before applying, choose in which division you want to teach:

Primary/Junior (P/J): Kindergarten to Grade 6

Allows you to apply teaching and learning methods across the range of subjects: language, math, social studies, science, arts, health and physical education

See P/J division program and courses

See admission requirements

Junior/Intermediate (J/I): Grades 4 to 10

Allows you to teach in both elementary schools (grades 4 to 6) and middle/high school (grades 7 to 10). You will need one teaching subject.

See J/I division program and courses

See admission requirements

Primary/Junior (P/J) - French as a Second Language (FSL): Kindergarten to Grade 6

There is a great need for French as a second language (FSL) teachers in Ontario and across Canada. This specialized program allows you to expand your passion for language learning across the curriculum and enhance your linguistic and cultural proficiency in novel and experiential ways. A unique feature is that students will graduate with Part 1 of the FSL Additional Qualification.

See P/J - FLS division program and courses

See admission requirements

Intermediate/Senior (I/S): Grades 7 to 12

Allows you to teach in both middle school (grades 7 and 8) and high school (grades 9 to 12). You will need two teaching subjects.

See I/S division program and courses

See admission requirements


All of our programs include a mandatory practicum. In order to participate, a vulnerable sector criminal record check is required.  


Teaching in French-language schools

If you wish to teach in French-language schools in Ontario, explore the Formation à l’enseignement program.


The uOttawa Faculty of Education and the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT)

All Teacher Education programs are accredited by the OCT.

After you graduate, the Faculty of Education recommends the OCT to grant the Certificate of Qualification and Registration. The degree allows you to teach in Ontario's English-language schools.


Have a question about our programs?

Are you interested in becoming a teacher in Ontario and wondering how to get started? Perhaps you have questions about the admissions requirements for our programs?

Between now and December 3, every Friday between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. (Eastern time), join one of our question-and-answer sessions. It’s free and no registration is required.

Click here on Fridays to talk with a member of the Faculty.

Cohorts and Communities

Once you accept your offer of admission, you must join one of our targeted, passionate cohorts composed of like-minded students and teacher mentors. Cohorts vary by theme and the division you choose when you apply to the program.

You can join these cohorts:

  • Comprehensive School Health (P/J division)

    Promotes health through teaching and learning, leadership, student engagement, social and physical environments, and home, school and community partnerships.

  • Global Education Cohort (P/J and J/I divisions)

    Explore our world and how we can integrate global education across the school curriculum.

  • Imagination, Creativity, and Innovation Cohort (P/J and I/S)

    Supports teaching and learning as creative and aesthetic experiences - imagination, creativity and innovation - and how individuals perceive life, as it is and as it could be, across all disciplines.

  • Urban Communities Cohort (J/I AND I/S)

    Focuses on approaches to creating a safe environment, increasing student achievement and building sustainable community partnerships while learning strategies for student success and fostering student agency.

  • Second Language Education Cohort (P/J and I/S)

    Prepares teacher candidates to teach in Canada’s culturally and linguistically diverse classrooms. Fosters strong cross-disciplinary links and collaboration across the curriculum.



Practica take place in Ottawa-area schools. You are mentored by experienced associate teachers, and gain 80 to 90 days of invaluable school-based teaching experience to launch your career.

Many students describe the practicum placements as a highlight of their uOttawa Teacher Ed experience! .

In order to participate, a vulnerable sector criminal record check is required.

Learn more about the practicum.

Life on campus

Our downtown campus is in the heart of the nation’s capital, a mosaic of world cultures, heritage sites and stunning architecture boasting many museums, art galleries and festivals. It is located minutes from Gatineau Park, home to some of the best hiking, biking and cross-country skiing in Canada.

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