Welcome to our two-year Bachelor of Education Program at the University of Ottawa. The Practicum experience is made up of over 100 days of evaluated practicum.

Placement Process

OCT (Ontario College of Teachers) regulations require teacher candidates to have experience in each division that they are being certified. For Intermediate/Senior teacher candidates, the regulations indicate that they have experience in at least one of their teaching subjects.

Teacher candidates must arrange their own transportation to and from practicum. While preferences are taken into account as much as possible, Teacher candidates can be placed in a school 90 minutes by public transportation from the postal code provided.

For 2020-2021: YEAR 1 Teacher Candidates

  • Practicum observation will consist of one day a week (Wednesdays) in schools from November 4 to 25, 2020.
  • Evaluated Practicum will consist of  a three-week block from November 30 to December 18, 2020,  followed by one day a week (Wednesdays) from January to March, 2021 and a five-week block from March 22 to April 22, 2021.

For the 2020-2021: YEAR 2 Teacher Candidates

  • Evaluated Practicum will consist of an two-week block from August 31 to September 11, 2020 followed by one day a week (Wednesdays) in September to November, a three-week block from November 30  to December 18, 2020 and a three-week block from January 4 to 22, 2021. In order to accommodate the COVID-19 challenges extra practicum days have been added. Wednesdays from January 27 to April 7, 2021 and a two week block from April 12-23, 2021.

Practicum Guide

All the information about practicum is in the practicum guide.

Criminal Record Check (CRC)

The program requires successful completion of practicum assignments in schools. School boards require teacher candidates placed in Ontario schools to complete a satisfactory criminal record check (CRC) including the vulnerable sector screening prior to having direct contact with students. Without a satisfactory criminal record check(CRC) you will not be allowed to participate in community service learning and evaluated practicum.

For further information on this process, visit Police Checks.

Teacher candidates must submit this document to prior to beginning their studies in  Education. Teacher candidates are required to have a new criminal record check (CRC) for each year of the program.

Questions regarding this process should be directed to the our Academic Secretariat by email at or by telephone at 613-562-5804. 

After Graduation

This criminal record check is a requirement of the school boards and community partners where teacher candidates are assigned to complete their community service learning and practicum placements. Once the Bachelor of Education is completed, the Ontario College of Teachers will request another criminal record check in order to become certified.

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