Research Chairs

Research chair in mental health

University Research Chair in partnership with the Institut de Recherche de l’Hôpital Montfort (IRHM)

Professor Koszycki conducts research on the causes and treatment of anxiety and depression in primary and secondary care patients. This chair’s projects aim to expand research on the efficacy of different psychosocial and mind-body interventions for anxious and depressed patients and to evaluate mechanisms that contribute to therapeutic change.


Diana Koszyki

WIGUP Research Chair

Here we see Prof. Hagermann.

This chair is a five-year research collaboration funded by the University of Ottawa, the Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario (CEPEO) and WIGUP Corporation. The long-term funding commitment will permit in-depth investigation of the development of students’ digital literacies over time. Data collected will contribute to a greater understanding of promising pedagogical methods that can help students become engaged digital citizens. This work will place Franco-Ontarian students and teachers front and centre and contribute to an emerging understanding of their unique digital literacy needs.


Michelle Schira Hagerman

2014 University of Ottawa Chair in University teaching

The objectives of the Chair in University Teaching are to promote innovative teaching and learning practices that benefit the wider University community and to conduct a scholarly investigation of teaching and learning that can lead to University-wide transformation of instructional practices. The chair collaborates with the Centre for University Teaching and plays an active role in promoting teaching excellence in all sectors of the University community. Professor Maurice Taylor, the chairholder, also leads a three year study relating to university teaching entitled Best practices in blended learning: Developing a community of professors and students through bricks and clicks.


Maurice Taylor

Canada Research Chair




As Canada Research Chair, Professor Tracy Vaillancourt seeks to better understand the causes and consequences of bullying by documenting its origins. She examines the way bullying escalates or why it stops, and tracks bullied children to understand the long-term effects of their victimization.


Tracy Vaillancourt


Indigenous Ganandawisiwin/Good Health Sovereignties



Tricia McGuire-Adams



University Research Chair

Here we see prof. Westheimer


This research chair’s projects explore the role of teaching in strengthening democratic societies, by analyzing the methods advocated by educational institutions, as well as social, theoretical and historical works. Joel Westheimer’s research helps define the notion of the “Good Citizen,” and the role of the school in teaching democratic citizenship.


Joel Westheimer

Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Ganandawisiwin (Good Health) Sovereignties


Tricia McGuire Adams


Indigenous Ganandawisiwin (Good Health) Sovereignties

This chair's transdisciplinary research aims to integrate Indigenous knowledge systems to address settler colonial impacts on Indigenous peoples’ health and wellbeing with a focus on disability scholarship, Anishinaabeg dibaajimowinan (stories), and Wiisokotaatwin (gathering together for a purpose).



Tricia McGuire-Adams

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