Educational Research Units

The Faculty of Education's educational research units strengthen links between researchers, and address critical issues in the field of education that have regional, national or international impacts.

Making history: narratives and collective memory in education

This ERU looks at the history of education and the teaching of history in Canada and around the world, highlighting archival and historical sources from school boards and other educational organizations. It pays particular attention to oral history, and the history of interdisciplinary and bilingual education, in addition to being concerned with issues of race, place, culture and gender as critical areas of our collective research.

Visit the Educational research unit Narratives and Collective Memory in Education's website for more details.


Leader: Marie-Hélène Brunet

Members from the Faculty: Sharon Cook, Chad GaffieldRuby HeapKevin Kee,Stéphane LévesqueHeather McGregor,Nicholas-Ng-A-Fook et Tim Stanley

Student members : Alessandra Iozzo-Duval, Nichole Grant, Joanne Lalonde, Pamela Rogers, Bryan Smith, Jennifer Thivierge, Julie Corrigan, Stephane Buffard, Rita Forte and Katrina Isacsson

The changing face of adult and workplace learning

This ERU was established to look at key questions in formal and informal learning for diverse adult learner populations. It is also interested in the social, economic and political setting underlying adult learning, and encourages dialogue to connect theory with practice.

Visit the  for more details.


Leader : Angus McMurtry

Members from the Faculty : Maurice Taylor and Claire Duchesne

External members : France Gravelle, Karen Evans (University of London, Institute of Education), Judy King and Darene Toal-Sullivan

Student members : Tylor Burrows, Chantalle Clarkin, Nathalie Gagnon, Paul Gautreau, Mohamed Hassan, Sony Jabouin, Kelly Kilgour, Angele Landriault, Jason Nesbitt, Ivana Pavic, Christine Pinsent-Johnson, Lynnda Proulx, Randy Purse and Shanta Rohse



EducLang is a research group advancing knowledge on languages and education, including language teaching and learning. It also seeks to disseminate research conducted at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Education throughout Canada and the English- and French-speaking worlds. Research group members are nationally and internationally renowned in the area of language teaching. Their work deals with different contexts, focusing on the following areas: 

1) technology and language teaching and learning, 2) French as a second language in Canadian schools, 
3) equity in English as a second language, 
4) multilingual settings, interculturalism and French as the language of education and 
5) training of French as a second language teachers. 
Visit the Educlang website for more details.


Director : Francis Bangou

Members from the Faculty: Stephanie Arnott, Douglas Fleming, Carole Fleuret and Marie-Josée Vignola

External members : Monica Waterhouse (Université Laval) ; Marie-Josée Hamel (Université d’Ottawa) ; Luis Abanto Rojas (Université d’Ottawa) ; Jérémie Séror (Université d’Ottawa) ; Nathalie Auger (Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3) ; Jérémie Sauvage (Université Paul-Valéry, Montpellier 3) ; Cécile Sabatier (Simon Fraser University) ; Brigitte Murray (Université d’Ottawa) ; Martina Emke (Open University).

Student members : Nancy Crépeau ; Mariana Dominguez ; Kelly Holmes ; Angela Joncy Juliet ; Marie-Philip Mathieu ; Gloria Romero ; Alireza Sobhnanmanesh ; Joël Thibault ; Gene Vasilopoulos ; Julie Vaudrin-Charette ; Mohammad Alavi ; Marie-Pier Bastien ; Amanda Cloutier ; Lesya Granger ; Louise Larouche ; Lena Michel ; Hye-young Seo ; Maryam Jabbari.

Mathematics education research (MERU)

The Mathematics Educational Research Unit brings together a group of internationally active researchers in mathematics education. These researchers work on many issues, including modelling, literacies, teaching and learning in multilingual settings, language and mathematics, integration of mathematics and science, mathematics teacher knowledge and practice, assessment processes, and historical and cultural dimensions of mathematics.

Visit the Mathematics Educational Research Unit's website for more details.


Leader : Richard Barwell

Members from the Faculty: David GuillemetteBarbara Graves and Christine Suurtamm

External members : Martha Koch, Anne Arden and Jennifer Hall

Student members : Élysée Robert Cadet, Osnat Fellus, Yasmine Abtahi, Alison Goss, Fatima Assaf, Laila Razmjou, Tasha Ausman, Jimmy K.Y. Pai, Kelly McKie, Maha Sinno, Jill Lazarus and Carrie Learned


Canadian principal learning network (CPLN)

The CPLN provides a forum for current and aspiring leaders from the educational, public and social sectors, and includes policy makers, university-based researchers, and graduate students. The purpose of this forum is to share insights and to collaborate on inquiries about leadership, change processes and decision-making in educational organizations. The CPLN includes members from coast to coast, as well as internationally renowned scholars from the United Kingdom and Australia. Not only is much work being accomplished within and across national boundaries, there is also a strong focus on the interdisciplinary nature of the research being conducted.


Leader: Stephanie Chitpin

Members from the Faculty: Claire Isabelle and Peter Milley


Science eco 21

The purpose of the unit is to create a space for research and innovation in science and environmental education, and to promote dialogue and reflection in these areas. In particular, its goal is to develop, implement, and support research and professional development programs in science and environmental education. We also seek to create a network of people committed to expanding these programs locally, nationally, and internationally.


Leader: Louis Trudel 

Faculty members: Giuliano Reis and Christine Tippett 

External members: Abdeljalil Metioui and Maria-Helena Carneiro

Student members: Mohamed Elfaith Mustafa

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