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The genuine engagement and desire to help not only suited my initial training but also my personality. Better still, the path I’m on is already helping me imagine “win-win” educational projects. As well, my university experience as an analyst, researcher and educator is benefitting me in more than one way. I realized the importance of establishing a framework, in terms of the interests, abilities and goals of both students and the educational community, while keeping the intrinsic value of each in mind.

Guillaume Koffi, MEd in Leadership, Evaluation, Curriculum and Policy Studies– 2018 graduate

Want your medical teaching to be transformed? An MEd in Health Professions Education offers a fun, flexible (many courses given in the evenings or online) and affordable program you complete at your own pace. Plus world class professors who understand Canadian health contexts – thumbs up! The program allowed me to build skills and networks that have made me a much more effective and learner-centred teacher. I am a physician who works at The Ottawa Hospital, teaching family medicine to medical residents. I have also started a job as director of faculty development in the Department of Family Medicine at uOttawa.

Eric Wooltorton, MEd in Health Professions Education – 2018 graduate

The master’s in counselling psychology program at the University of Ottawa gave me the opportunity to develop the skills and competencies necessary for clinical work. During my time in the program, I was given valuable support that allowed me to create research partnerships, apply for research funding, meet the requirements to obtain professional licensing, as well as build my expertise to apply to my current doctoral program. The dedication and encouragement of the professional staff were particularly valuable to me, and they supported me through the challenge of following courses in my second language. I continue to be passionate about the therapeutic and research process, and continue to collaborate with the program’s professors. I have made lifelong friends as a result of the program, while creating a priceless foundation for my career.

Andrea Too, MA in Counselling Psychology – 2016 graduate (supervised by André Samson)

In  2010, I enrolled in the master’s in counselling psychology at the Faculty of Education to become a therapist. I particularly enjoyed the mix of theoretical and practical courses, as well as the professionalism of my peers. The opportunity to participate in internships and to publish scientific articles with professors really enhanced my career development. Once I had defended my thesis and obtained my diploma, I knew I had taken the right decision. Since then, I have worked as a therapist in non-profit organizations and now I work in my own private practice.

Daniel Nadon, MA in Counselling Psychology – 2014 graduate (supervised by André Samson)

What drew me to the Master of Education was the opportunity to do it completely online. Even with a full-time job, I have been able to progress in my graduate studies. The online courses have given me considerable flexibility in managing my time. The group assignments have also allowed me to collaborate online with others in Canada and elsewhere around the world. The sharing of ideas and experiences has been very rewarding for my career development.

Valérie Drouin, master’s (MEd) candidate in Leadership, Evaluation, Curriculum and Policy Studies

Throughout my graduate studies, I have had the privilege to be with professors who have offered me the guidance and support needed to carry out field research abroad on a topic I’m passionate about. Thanks to my research experience at a minority language school in Wales, I now have expertise that will allow me to contribute to the education sector in francophone minority settings in Canada.  I’m finishing my PhD with a rich and balanced stock of knowledge and skills, thanks to learning experiences in the program, both in research and teaching. 

Karine Turner, PhD candidate in Societies, Cultures and Languages (supervisor: Nathalie Bélanger).

During my Master's of Education program in Societies, Cultures and Languages, I have been inspired by my MEd classmates, who came to the program with unique experiences and interests in the field of education (ranging from teaching ESL in China to implementing hip hop pedagogy in Toronto public schools). Collaborating with such a diverse group of educators has enriched classroom discussions and greatly contributed to my learning. I am also grateful for how the professors in the Faculty of Education have encouraged each of us to pursue our own interests through course assignments. I have been able to research refugee education throughout my MEd, and I even had the opportunity to present a research paper I wrote on how Canadian teachers can support refugee students at the 2017 Jean-Paul Dionne Symposium, an academic conference hosted by the  Faculty of Education.

Emma White, master’s student (MEd) in Societies, Cultures and Languages

Through the courses offered by the program, I have been able to learn different perspectives and advanced pedagogy in the educational field. It is good for us to exchange our own experiences so that we can learn from each other and improve ourselves in terms of how to be more professional.

Jiayao Wu, master’s student (MEd) in teaching and learning

The Faculty of Education is a place where you can learn, grow and have an impact. Its faculty members and leadership are, in my experience, attentive, approachable and responsive to students. As a doctoral student, I have been able to be part of so many interesting and exciting projects, and have had access to a wide variety of opportunities that have allowed me to develop professionally, both as a researcher and as an educator. There is a real sense of community in the Faculty of Education: the Education Graduate Students Association is one of the most active graduate student associations on campus and there is never a shortage of social activities or workshops to attend or ways to get involved. Our student body has some of the best people I have ever met, who are at once intelligent, friendly, interesting, dedicated and supportive.

Jonathan Weber, PhD candidate in Studies in Teaching and Learning (supervised by Emmanuel Duplàa)

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