Why Study Education Online?

Studying online is becoming more and more popular at the Faculty of Education. Why is that? Apart from enhancing your career opportunities and furthering your studies, getting your graduate degree online has many advantages.

*Note that we offer courses in different formats to accommodate the unique needs of distance learning students.*

These are the top 5 reasons our students choose our online master's program:
  1. STUDY ANYTIME– Flexibility, convenience, personalized learning: that’s what our online degree will provide you. Online courses will allow to go at your own pace, which has been shown to be a more effective way of learning. 
  2. STUDY ANYWHERE– Another popular reason among our students is the possibility to complete their education online, while staying home. Moreover, international students may get a highly accredited Canadian degree, without ever leaving their country so, wherever you are, you will save yourself the hassle of relocating.
  3. MEET INTERESTING PEOPLE – During your online classes you will have the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with students coming from other provinces or even other countries. Distance education lets you discover these new cultures and perspectives, which is not always the case in traditional classes.
  4. DISCOVER INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES You do not need a Bachelor of Education to get admitted to the Master of Education, so most of our students come from different academic backgrounds, such as nursing, social sciences, or engineering, to name a few. Graduate studies in Education allow you to thrive in your field, by bringing your own professional context into the course.
  5. SAVE ON YOUR TUITION – Last but not least: as an online student you do not need to pay for campus-related fees. This means you will save on tuition money. Plus, do not forget that our online programs have the same entry requirements, content and learning outcomes as our on-campus programs, so the validity of your qualification will not be affected by distance learning.



An online student in her own words:

What drew me to the Master of Education was the opportunity to do it completely online. Even with a full-time job, I have been able to progress in my graduate studies. The online courses have given me considerable flexibility in managing my time. The group assignments have also allowed me to collaborate online with others in Canada and elsewhere around the world. The sharing of ideas and experiences has been very rewarding for my career development. - Valérie Drouin


Quotes from a survey in the online course EDU5160 Mathematical Thinking

What I like in online courses is that there are many parallel discussions. I always get feedback on my thoughts that emerged from my readings. At the same time, I can think within different frameworks set by my classmates. Moreover, in an online course I feel more comfortable “playing” with new ideas and topics with which I am not very familiar. If I had to discuss the same topics in a classroom, I would stay silent for most of the discussion. So, I feel that I learn more things in the online setting because I have the opportunity to develop my thinking and have it challenged in more fruitful ways.

I value the fact that there is no wasted travel time and that assignments are laid out from the get go so I am able to complete them well in advance (helps when my busy work schedule)

it's the best structured course of all I've done so far. It's clear, intelligent and the feedback is fast and constructive. Thank you Yasmine ;) My student heart is fully happy and stimulated !!

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