Nouvelles exigences d'admission pour le programme Teacher Education

Publié le mercredi 4 juin 2014

Enseignante en salle de classe

Veuillez noter que les nouvelles exigences d'admission pour le programme Teacher Education n'affectent pas le programme de Formation à l'enseignement. 

(en anglais seulement)

The Teacher Education program will become a two-year program as of September 2015. Details about the program will be available on our website by September 2014. The admission requirements are as follows:

  1. Hold an approved degree of at least 90 credits from a university (or other degree-granting postsecondary institution) whose accreditation is acceptable to the University of Ottawa;
  2. Have maintained an overall academic average of at least 70% across the best 20 one-term undergraduate university courses completed (or college courses if completed within a 4-year Applied Bachelor’s degree).
  3. Satisfy the requirements according to the division to which you are applying:
  • NEW : Primary/Junior: it is recommended that you have one or more one term university courses in each of these five subject groupings:

ii)                   English/Linguistics/Languages;

iii)                  Mathematics/Statistics;

iv)                  Physical sciences/Life sciences

v)                   Social Sciences/Humanities;

vi)                  Visual Arts/Music/Drama

  • NEW : Primary/Junior, French as a second language option: must have completed six one-term courses in French language or literature;
  • Junior/Intermediate: must have six one term courses in one teaching subject;
  • NEW:  Intermediate/Senior: must have 10 one term courses in their first teaching subject and six one term courses in their second teaching subject.

4. Have acquired relevant experience and skills.

5. Demonstrate proof of proficiency in oral and written English (if you have not completed at least three years of full-time studies in English AND in a country where English is an official language).

6. All French as a second language teaching option candidates must pass a French language proficiency test.

 Please visit the Faculty of Education website for further information about our full-time Teacher Education program. 

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