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Cheryll Duquette
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Cheryll Duquette instructs courses in the Graduate Studies Program. Her research interests are in the area of inclusive education and  student experiences in inclusive classrooms in particular. Cheryll has published many articles that involve individuals with learning disabilities, sensory impairments and other disabilities. Her book, Students at Risk, (translated into French in 2014) was written to provide teachers with information about accommodations and instructional strategies for students with exceptionalities in inclusive classroom. She has made significant contributions to knowledge about the school experiences of adolescents and young adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Emerging from this research was a framework for studying parent advocacy, which has been tested with parents of students with learning disabilities and with giftedness. Dr. Duquette has given workshops on learning theories and instructional strategies to teachers from China studying in the summers at the Faculty, as well as to teachers in Morocco, the Middle East and Tanzania.


Papers in Refereed Journals:

Piers, L., & Duquette, C. (2016). “Facilitating academic and mental health resilience in students with a learning disability.”Exceptionality Education International, 26, 21-41.

Duquette, C., & Dabrowski, L. (2016). “A study of classroom inquiry and reflection among preservice teachers”. McGill Journal of Education, 51, 575-596.

Fullarton, S., & Duquette, C. (2016). “Experiences of students with LDs in Ontario universities: A case study”. International Journal of Special Education, 31, 55-66.

Abstracts and/or Papers Read in a Learned Society – Please add the following:

Duquette, C. A Study of Inclusive Practices, Lisbon, Portugal, July 2015, ISEC2015

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  • Action des parents
  • Enseignement inclusif
  • Éducation spécialisée 
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