Douglas Fleming

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Douglas Fleming
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Pièce : LMX 371
Bureau : 613-562-5800 poste 4151
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Douglas Fleming's research focuses on ESL, citizenship and critical pedagogy. He teaches courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels that focus on current social and political issues in second language research, ESL methodology and program development, multicultural citizenship education, equity and language policy. He has over 50 publications and invited contributions to date and has worked on numerous professional, curriculum and material development projects for government, school districts, teacher associations and NGO's. Doug was awarded a New Scholar Fellowship Award by the Canadian Society for Studies in Education in 2010. Prior to graduating from UBC with a PhD in Language and Literacy Education in 2007, he was an administrator and teacher for 20 years in the Toronto (Ontario) and Surrey (British Columbia) School Districts. Please go to his website for recent publications and his full updated lifetime c/v.


Champs d'intérêt

  • Anglais langue seconde
  • Éducation civique
  • Littératie
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