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Peter V. Milley
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Peter Miley


Dr. Milley completed his PhD in educational administration in 2005 at the University of Victoria. His research and professional interests include various aspects of leadership and learning in the education and public sectors and community settings. He has significant professional experience in executive leadership development, policy research, and workplace learning from a previous careers in the Canadian federal public service and post-secondary institutions. He has researched, presented, and taught in numerous countries, including Brazil, China, the Netherlands, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Among other current projects, Dr. Milley is researching the leadership processes involved in starting, scaling up and sustaining social innovations in and through higher education.


Milley, P. & Dulude, E. (2021). Towards an educational administration curriculum that addresses maladministration in internationalized higher education.

Milley, P. & Szijarto, B. (2020). Understanding social innovation leadership in universities: empirical insights from a group concept mapping study.

Milley, P., Sjizarto, B. & Bennett, K. (2020). The landscape of social innovation in Canadian universities: An empirical analysis.

Dulude, E. & Milley, P. (2020). Institutional complexity and multiple accountability tensions: A conceptual framework for analyzing school leaders’ interpretation of competing demands.

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  • Leadership en éducation
  • Études supérieures
  • Administration publique
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