David Smith

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David Smith
Professeur titulaire

Pièce : LMX C343
Bureau : 613-562-5800 poste 4344
Courriel professionnel : david.smith@uOttawa.ca


Dr. David Smith is Professor of Educational Counselling at the University of Ottawa. His primary research interests centre on school-based bullying prevention programs, with a particular emphasis on understanding how they can be made to be more effective. His current program of research is designed to study the links among school climate, children's attachment to school and bullying. It examines the proposition that schools with positive climates in which students and teachers have mutually warm and caring relationships have lower rates of bullying and victimization. Dr. Smith is a member of PREVNet and BRNET, both international networks of researchers, educators, and community-based organizations committed to the prevention of bullying and promotion of healthy relationships among children.

Champs d'intérêt

  • Climat dans les écoles
  • La relation enseignant-étudiant dans le contexte scolaire
  • Prévention de l’intimidation dans les écoles
  • Enjeux éthiques et professionnels en counselling
  • Thérapie d’acceptation et d’engagement
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