Tracy Vaillancourt


Dr. Tracy Vaillancourt is a Canada Research Chair in Children’s Mental Health and Violence Prevention at the University of Ottawa where she is cross-appointed as a full professor in Counselling Psychology and the School of Psychology. She is also an elected member of The College of the Royal Society of Canada. Dr. Vaillancourt's research examines the links between bullying and mental health, with a particular focus on social neuroscience. She is currently funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada, and the Ontario Mental Health Foundation.


Vaillancourt, T., Beauchamp, M., Brown, C., Buffone, P., Comeau, J., Davies, S., Figueiredo, M., Finn, C., Hargreaves, A., McDougall, P., McNamara, L., Szatmari, P., Waddell, C., Westheimer, J., Whitley, J. (2021). Les enfants et l’école pendant la COVID‑19 et par la suite : offrir des occasions qui favorisent les interactions et suscitent l’intérêt des jeunes.

Vaillancourt, T., Szatmari, P., Georgiades, K., Krygsman, A. (2021). The impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of Canadian children and youth.

Endleman, S., Brittain, H., Vaillancourt, T. (2021). The longitudinal associations between perfectionism and academic achievement across adolescence.

Farell, A.H., Vaillancourt, T. (2020). Adolescent empathic concern and perspective taking: Heterogeneous developmental trajectories and childhood social and psychological factors.


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Champs d'intérêt

  • Agression
  • Intimidation à l'école
  • Neurosciences sociales
  • Santé mentale (enfants)
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